Eid prayer during Covid-19 Lockdown in case of ban on Eid Gah and Masjid?


If the government of a country prohibits Muslims to go to Eid gah or the Mosque due to an epidemic, can Eid prayers be offered in the house, the roof or in the parking lot etc.?


  • 1- Considering the circumstances portrayed in the question, it is obligatory to offer Eid prayers in cities, suburbs and large villages where the conditions for establishing Jumu’ah are present. However, the difference between the conditions for Jumu’ah and Eid prayers is that:
  • The sermon (Khutbah) for Jumu’ah is mandatory while the sermon (Khutbah) for the Eid prayers is Sunnah.
  • Similarly, it is not a condition for the Eid prayers to have General or full permission.
  • Eid and Friday prayers must be offered in congregation and can not be offered individually.
  • However there is a difference between the number of people required to constitute the congregation of Friday and Eid.
  • It is necessary to have three adult men besides the Imam for Juma whereas one adult man apart from the Imam is enough for the Eid prayers.
  • 2- If the government in a country prohibits Eid prayers in Eid gah or mosques due to a virus or an epidemic, even then Muslims living in cities, suburbs and large villages should try and explore options to offer Eid prayers in Eid gah or mosques.
  • But even after substantial effort if it is not possible to offer Eid prayers in an Eid gah or mosque, then it is permissible to offer Eid prayers by gathering two or more people, in a house, the roof, yard or parking lot of a building, etc.
  • It should be noted that although Eid prayers are not obligatory for women, but due to the above-mentioned circumstances and restrictions, if men are offering Eid prayers at home, the women of the house can also participate in the congregation.

The method of Eid prayer.

  • There is no azan and iqamah for Eid prayer. When the prayer is offered, he should make niyyah (intention) to offer two rakat namaz with six additional takbeers, after takbeer (Allah u akbar) he should put his hands under his navel and recite Sana, then say three more takbeers. In the first two takbeers, raise his hands up to his ears and put them by his side . On the third takbeer, raise his hands and then fold them under the navel. After that, the imam should recite aloud.
  • At the beginning of the second rak’ah, the imam should recite aloud, then say three more takbeers, raise his hands up to his ears in all three takbeers, then say the fourth takbeer without raising his hands then perform rukuh and do two prostrations like other prayers. After reciting Al-Tahyaat, Durood and Dua, he should return the salutation. After completing the prayers, Imam should give two sermons (Khutbah) . He should sit for a while between the two sermons.

Allah knows the best !

بدائع الصنائع فی ترتیب الشرائع 85/3
و أما شرائط وجوبھا وجوازھا فکل ماھو شرط وجوب الجمعۃ وجوازھا فہو شرط وجوب صلاۃ العیدین وجوازھا من الامام والمصر والجماعۃ والوقت إلا الخطبۃ فإنھا سنۃ بعد الصلوۃ۔

النہر الفائق شرح کنز الدقائق 373/1
و إذا لم یشترط السلطان أو نائبہ فلا معنی لاشتراط الإذن العام وکأنھم استغنوا بذکر السلطان عنہ ، علی أنا قدمنا أن الإذن العام لم یذکر فی الظاہر

النہر الفائق شرح کنز الدقائق 373/1
نعم بقی أن یقال من شرائطھا الجماعۃ التی ھی جمع والواحد ھنا مع الإمام جماعۃ ، فکیف یصح أن یقال إن شروطہ الجمعۃ

الدر المختار وحاشیۃ ابن عابدین 166/2
(تجب صلاتھما) فی الأصح (علی من تجب علیہ الجمعۃ بشرائطہا ) المتقدمۃ (سوی الخطبۃ) فإنھا سنۃ بعدھا وفی الرد لکن اعترض ما ذکرہ المصنف بأن الجمعۃ من شرائطھا الجماعۃ التی ھی جمع والواحد ھنا مع الإمام کما فی النھر

الفقہ علی المذاہب الأربعۃ 531/1
الحنفیۃ قالوا صلاۃ العیدین واجبۃ فی الاصح علی من تجب علیہ الجمع بشرائطہا سواء کانت شرائط وجوب أو شرائط صحۃ إلا أنہ یستثنی من شرائط الصحۃ الخطبۃ ، فإنھا تکون قبل الصلوۃ فی الجمعۃ وبعدھا فی العید ، ویستثنی أیضا عدد الجماعۃ ، فإن الجماعۃ فی صلاۃ العید تتحقق بواحد مع إمام بخلاف الجمعۃ

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