Study of Authentic Quranic Sciences is a Prerequisite for Prevention of Misinterpretation in Tafseer, By Maulana Syed Muhammad Yusuf Banuri

Collected & Compiled by: Mufti Umar Anwar Badakhshani

INTRODUCTION: Maulana Syed Muhammad Yousuf Banuri (R.H) wrote this short article as an Appreciation of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani’s book “Uloom ul quran”


Many reliable and worthy books in Arabic on the sciences of the Quran are available. They are composed by our worthy predecessors and later day scholars. However, only the Ulama can benefit from them. Most of these books were written for the earlier people and indeed, satisfied their thirst of knowledge.

When Sir Syed Ahmed Khan published his exegesis of the Quran and other writings in Delhi, he played havoc with Islamic beliefs and presented the new generation with unfounded ideologies, belittling Prophet hood and rejecting Miracles, Paradise, Hell, angels, and the devils. He suggested innovative ideas and principles for interpreting the Quranic facts. At that time, Allah caused Maulana Abdul Haq Haqqani Dahlavi, Deobandi to rise. He wrote an excellent exegesis of the Qur’an entitled “Fath ul Mannan” and a superb “Muqaddamah” (introduction) “al Bayan fi Uloom il Quran”. In the first volume of the exegesis, he included a summary of the Muqaddamah. In this way, he fulfilled the need of his times.

However, keeping the present day trends in mind, a fresh approach was needed to present to our new generation the concepts and facts of the Qur’an. The mischief of the orientalists had to be offset by telling our new generation about wahy, descent of the Qur’an the various recitals and its uniqueness. If readers get an insight of these subjects they would be able to ward off doubts and misgivings created in their minds by the orientalists and western minded Muslims.

Al Hamdulillah, this lacuna has been very ably filled by my respected brother, Maulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani, the worthy son of Maulana Muhammad Shafi (R.H) he wrote it down as an exhaustive MuqaddaMah to the Maarif ul Quran and did a great religious service, and a favour to the Ummah. May Allah enhance him in knowledge, give him more writing power and ability and enable him to be of further service to religion.

I have been some parts of this work thoroughly and, some others, at random. Praise be to Allah, I am very happy at it and my heart gives out a prayer.

My Allah choose us and him for service to His religion purely to earn His pleasure. And may blessings of Allah be on Sayyidina Muhammad, the Chief to the worlds, seal of Prophet, and on his family, his companions and the scholars of the ummah-all of them!

Muhammad Yusuf Banuri
(May Allah forgive him)
Madrasah Arabiyyah lslamiyyah, Karachi.
Thursday, 12th Jumadiul awwal 1396AH

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