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Shari’ah Ruling of Reciting Duas & Dhikr Adhkar During Period of Menstruation & Postpartum


Is it permissible to recite dhikr during the period of menstruation and postpartum? Similarly, can one recite Surah Ikhlas or Surah al Falaq or Surah an Naas before going to bed during these days? Also, can you recite Aayat Al-Kursi as a wazifa or dua?


It is permissible for a woman to recite dhikr during menstruation and postpartum period, as well as to recite Durood Sharif, Istighfar, Kalima Tayyeba, any other wazaif.

She can recite the supplications from the Qur’an with the intention of du’a or as wazifa hence not for the clear purpose of recitation (Tilawah).

It is also permissible for a woman to recite the Kalimah, Ayat-ul-Kursi, and Four-Qul and Surah Al-Fatihah  before going to bed with the intention of du’a and as a supplication from Qur’an during her menstrual period.  Recitation of ayat Al kursi as a dua is permissible but not with the pure intention of reciting as a Quranic  verse.

وفی الدر المختار وحاشية ابن عابدين ،رد المحتار 1/ 293: فلو قرأت الفاتحة على وجه الدعاء أو شيئاً من الآيات التي فيها معنى الدعاء ولم ترد القراءة لا بأس به، كما قدمناه عن العيون لأبي الليث، وأن مفهومه أن ما ليس فيه معنى الدعاء كسورة أبي لهب لا يؤثر فيه قصد غير القرآنية

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