The Reason for Many Wives for Man in Paradise, & only One Husband for a Woman? By Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi

(1) When anyone is rewarded he is given what comforts him and brings him honor – he is never given what saddens or troubles him or brings him dishonor. The latter are instruments of punishment.

Paradise is the place of rewards and blessings. The bestowing of a number of women to a man as his wives is a reward that he gets. It is an honor and a cause of comfort. However, if a woman is allowed more than one husband, she will not get any comfort especially if a man’s strength is increased in proportion to many women; it is a cause of insult and dishonor.

If a woman was allowed many husbands it would be the same as having a number of heads. The more heads the more the subjects will be suppressed and debased. If it was considered proper, therefore, to debase and dishonor the woman then perhaps one or the other religion might have permitted her many husbands.

Paradise, which is a place of honor and respect, does not visualize this depraved and degraded condition. Perhaps, if it was difficult to satisfy the need and urge through one husband, woman might have been allowed the concession. However, Islamic Traditions tells us that in Paradise the man will have so much strength that he will be able to go to thirty woman one after another. Besides, just as the Lord of world has given a different nature to man and woman in this world allowing the former to lead over the latter and have an upper hand so too in Paradise their nature will differ from one another.

(2) Allah, the Exalted has appointed man as His Messenger and Prophet. He has made him vicegerent, leader and head. Man in these capacities enjoys excellence over her and is responsible for her welfare and livelihood. His duty is to protect her and take risks for her especially in dangerous places. He labors and struggles for her sake. Allah has therefore, given him more strength and authority. Much of man’s effort and labor is for woman. Man is burdened much in this regard and that is why he Is given more strength to carry this burden. He is also capable of maintaining many wives. Since women are not burdened much, it is clear that they do not have enough strength to carry more burdens. Therefore, in keeping with the nature of woman, each woman is allowed to have only one husband.


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