Why House, Women, and Horse (Transport) are Considered a Misfortune in Hadith?


Hope u well n good, In the hadith mention 3 things that are a misfortune. What does the word *شقاوة* really mean and how it is attached to a woman, house and conveyance

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The Holy Prophet (saws) said in a hadith that if there was a misfortune in something, it would be in these three things: 1st in a house, 2nd in Horse (riding) 3rd in a woman.

First of all, understand that the Prophet (saws) in Ahhadeiths strictly forbade taking bad omens and declaring something ominous. such as thinking that calamities or diseases are befalling on me because of such and such a thing, or taking the bad omen that my wife is ominous or my house or my carriage has bad omen. According to Hadith Sharif all of this is forbidden there is no such concept in Islam Therefore, the purpose of the narration of the Holy Prophet (saws) is that if there was a possibility of misfortune, it would be in these three things because misfortune means that man will always be in adversity because of it.

Therefore, while interpreting this hadith, the scholars have said the following two things:

The correct meaning of this hadeeth is that if misfortune (نحوست) existed in reality, then it would be in these three things, but misfortune does not exist in reality, therefore, these things are without any bad omen. This is supported by other Ahadeeths, the wordings of one hadeeth is:

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

انہ قال ان یکن من الشوم شییٔ حق ففی الفرس والمرأة والدّار

If there was a misfortune in something, then these three things deserve it. ìe horse, woman, and house.

There is a special reason for referring house, horse, and woman in the hadeeth. and that is that man is constantly or more often involved in these three things, and he suffers from them for long. Man requires them on daily basis and it is not possible to change these things quickly or instantly, this is the reason the hadith says that three things are among the good fortune of a son of Adam:

  • (1) a pious virtuous woman.
  • (2) a good house.
  • (3) And comfortable riding.

In another Hadith, it is said that Ibn Adam’s good fortune and bad luck lies in three things. Good fortune in:

  • (1) a pious & virtuous woman.
  • (2) a good house.
  • (3) a good riding,

And bad luck in:

  • (1) vicious woman.
  • (2) Bad house.
  • (3) And bad riding.

In short, there is no real misfortune that exists in any house, horse, and woman, but as a matter of fact, if these three things are not compatible with his nature and temperament a person can face difficulties and get into trouble.

Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, while interpreting this hadith, said in his famous “islahi khutbat”:

The purpose of the narration of the Holy Prophet (saws) is that if there was a misfortune, it would be in these three things because misfortune means that man is always in trouble because of it.

  • For example, a man gets a bad house, Since the house is not something that a man can change easily and quickly, rather he has to stay in it for a long time, so as long as that house exists and he stays there he will have to bear the hardships. in that sense, the house is unlucky for him.
  • The second thing is riding. If a person gets a bad carriage or horse then it is not something that a person changes every day. For example, people have cars these days so if a person owns a battered old car, it will become a nuisance for him, it will stop on the way, sometimes he will have to push and restart it because of this car he will have to suffer badly and consistently it seems better for him to go anywhere on foot instead of riding on a car. Thus prophet (peace be upon him) said that bad riding is constant suffering, so if Allah Almighty helps him, he should change it and buy a better one.
  • The third thing is the wife. Getting a bad husband or a bad wife is a lifelong torment. If by good fortune husband finds a good wife and the wife finds a good husband, then it is a pure blessing of Allah and the paradise of this world. 

Hazrat Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani (may Allah have mercy on him) used to say a beautiful sentence: “The paradise of this world is that husband and wife should be one and be pious “. This is the paradise of the world, but if it is the other way around, it is a lifelong torment.

Source: Takmila Fathul Mulhim, Vol 10, and Islahi Khutbat Vol 12, By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani


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