Participating in Gatherings which Contains Prohibited (Haram) Practices, By Mufti Taqi Usmani


Not uncommon lately, are general gatherings in Western countries where Muslims are also invited. Such gatherings are mixed where liquor is also offered and consumed. If Muslims elect not to attend such functions, they are, on the one hand, alienated from the whole society while, on the other hand, they remain deprived of benefits that accrue from socialization. Is it permissible for Muslims to attend these gatherings under such circumstances?


Participation of Muslims in gatherings which constitute indulging in drinking, eating of pork and dancing and singing of women and men is not permissible, especially when there is no other general compulsion except the desire to be socially recognized. It is not proper for Muslims to bow down before such avenues of sin. The challenges to what Islam forbids being experienced by you give you all the more occasion to stay firm on your Faith. And should the Muslims living in non-Muslim countries and they are not that few – could agree on not participating in such functions, the chances are that non-Muslims themselves would be left with no reasonable option but to weed out such disagreeable practices from their functions.

Source: Contemporary Fataawa, By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani


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