Maulana Shabbir Qazi (R.A)

By : Maulana Ebrahim Bham
Imaam of Hamidia Masjid Newtown
Secretary Jamiatul Ulama South Africa

It is with a lump in my throat and great sadness that I write these few words, on the passing of a great Haafiz, Aalim and a special friend, Moulana Shabbir Qazi RA.

 It is our belief that death is predestined, and no one dies an untimely death:

ولن یؤخر اللہ نفسا إذا جاء أجلھا

And Allah does not respite a soul when its appointed term has come. (63:11)

It is however natural to feel the pain of separation. 

Moulana was my classmate during the last two years of our studies. We would sit together as we learnt Hadith. I recall with fondness, how after the lessons we would, out of love, mimic the words and style of our Bukhari Ustaadh, Mufti Wali Hassan Tonki R.A at New town (Jamia Banuri Town) in Karachi.

 Moulana had some outstanding qualities and traits. Few aspects give a glimpse into the personality of Moulana:

  • He had an amazing love for the Qur’an. From the month of Rajab, he would passionately request when I would call: “Please phone less frequently. “This is the season of the Qur’an.” Many who attended his 10-night Qur’an khatam in Taraweeh, enjoyed his recitation which would be with an alluring tone.
  • He used to discreetly and in a dignifying manner, assist many Huffaaz and Ulama who were in financial distress and in other sorts of difficulties. An Aalim based in Makkah has bitterly cried on the phone while speaking to me, bearing testimony to Moulana’s spirit of generosity, towards Ulama and ordinary people. This sentiment will echo locally and abroad from many who knew Moulana. 
  • His concern for the issues and challenges facing the Ummah, here and abroad, were phenomenal. Moulana would phone in the late hours of the night on issues of concern. Regretably I would rush to give what I thought was an alternative perspective. He would then push back saying: “You keep quiet! I am your senior…” He was of course, my senior in every respect. Ya Allah! How I will now miss those moments!
  • He had such a good sense and humor and left behind so many good memories for me, and many others to cherish. I hardly ever undertook a journey to Durban, without meeting him and him showering me with his kindness and hospitality. I always looked forward to seeing and spending time with him.

Solace is in the hope and prayer that Allah has taken him from the challenges of this Dunya to a much much better place and destination.

Allah says in the Qur’an:

إن اللہ لا یضیع أجر المحسنین

Allah does not waste the reward of those that do good. (11:115)

On this note, we make Duaa that Allah forgives Moulana’s shortcomings, elevates his status, rewards him abundantly for his noble attributes and deeds. May the Almighty grant him Jannah Firdaus. May the Almighty grant Sabr to his family and all close and loved ones.

ان للہ ما أخذ ولہ ما أعطی

Ebrahim Bham
Graduate of Jamia Uloom Islamiyyah
Allama Banuri Town


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