Preaching of Islam Through Movies & Drams Based on Religious Personalities & Historical Events, By Maulana Syed Muhamma Yusuf Banuri

INTRODUCTION: These critics were arranged by Maulana Syed Muhammad Yusuf Banori R.A in Monthly “Bayyinat” – in its Edition 1973 this article was title as “The mimicry of non-muslims and Muslims –  Photography and Islam”. Indeed today is a same situation in the World, therefore, we are reproducing Allama Banori’s invaluable article for this issue.

The Mimicry of Non-Muslims and Muslims – Photography and Islam!

How, courageously the Islamic Monumental Dignity, has been disrupting by the non-muslims, is nothing but for our own lack in the past that gave this bravery to them to carry on their vulgarity in different conditions. In our Country Pakistan like along with some other 22 Muslim countries were had exhibited that Historical Film – which was released from a Muslim Country – Egypt in 1973 – onwards named at Fajr ul Islam – Upon this all Ulama from their respective countries along with Pakistan were made confess against this exhibition at that time.

What the idea of an insanity of some nation is drawn in the above paragraph – it’s actual performance we can find amongst the Jewish and Christian nations. When they by their own wretchedness and disposition towards the Prophetic learning, to which they have not only forgotten but have disguised all the par excellent guidance which were revealed by Allah. And for the purpose of making support of their dead stock religion, they had have to prepare some exhibitory pictures – for example – Christians have made the some fictitious sketches of Jesus (Hadrat Isa); Marie (Hadrat Maryem) and some other pious personalities. Afterwards they made some planning to issue their deviated religion through the dilemma of these sketches and through the publication thereof, in the World. Therefore they exhibited their drama in the kind films presented before the public. In connection with this situation, some un predictable Muslims of Egypt thought – why should we remain failure in the mimicry of the Christians – thus they prepared a film named “fajr-e-Islam” under the head of Syndicate of Jamia Azhar – Egypt, and this film received a multiple response in its famousness in the area of Arabia. Now it has reached in this Pak (Clean) area – like Pakistan to make it Napak (unclean).

Through the Radio, TV and News papers, how much it has been advertised. Thus it was determined through the news papers that perhaps Muslims of this Country would receive some very special mean to rectify their Faith. And through these newspapers some of famous, so called Ulama-e-Deen have also been unjustly permitted to the public for watching the movie. Thereupon a number of Islamic sons are coming to watch this movie as “Islamic Drama”, is the worst situation of the Muslim World. We are from Allah – indeed we have to return to Allah.

Who do not know that in the sight of Islam the ‘photography’ is not only a hateful thing but is totally forbidden (Haraam). Then it is really accused by the annoyance of God. The photo maker Prophet Muhammad SAW has said:

المصورون أشد الناس عذابا يوم القيامة

 “they will have a strong doom on the Day of Resurrection” and “the accursed of God is for those, who will have the picture  in their homes and the angles are also hate them like to those who retains a dog in their home”. Thus, can we permit this film watching, even after receiving these alarms? Does it not calling to receive Allah’s apprehension and anger?

Then, how an effort can more effectively be made than this event, wherein the Prophetic era – the virtuosity of Islamic State – and the high excellent and spiritual lives of Islamic Personalities has been picture-zed. Which one the Prophet has called execrable and that moral period of Prophetic hood has been entered in this disguising. Thus, can it be an acceptable thing before Allah and His Prophet. Does it not stay behind the sense of the faith of the Muslims that they could even save the Prophetic period with this filthy way?

More than this, here is not a situation that what was happened (at the Prophetic period) the events have been reflected in the same manner, but the condition is that they proportionate to play the act in mockery situation. Some of the mockers have acted the role of Highness of the Prophetic hood, the role of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, (Nauzu billah). and some have played the role of sanctified persons the Shahaba RA  (the Companions of the Prophet) then someone has played the role of Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab and other pagans, etc. then after its filming it was brought on the Screen. Now if it is staying some little sense of faith in any Muslim and also awakening its pride of Iman (faith), that he can’t bear for a while, that those who are in polluted and are a fetid sign in their selves, that they could be presented in the likeness of Holy Prophet or His Pious Companions or Sanctified Women, and to make an effort of play behind their part.

How much a disguise can be present for these Holy Personalities, and in the same way who (the Muslims amongst the character of the film) would have play the role of pagans Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, and in the characterization what they would have cursed the Sahaba (the character of Companion of the Prophet), will they stay on their Religion (Islam) or will they remain Muslim or not?

And those viewers of that film, who take this film just for enjoyment, will their religion remain within themselves. And this is obvious that in these dilemmas various types of movements and stills, words and sentences will come forward, which really have no relation with the real history. Thus in this situation, it is being tried to relate the artificiality with the natural events is more offended to articulate the worst falsehood upon the reality. For this false imputation Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

من كذب علي متعمدا فليتبوأ مقعده من النار

“Whosoever, has formulated upon me the artificial and fake, he would seek his corner in the Hell”.

When there is publishing a fabricated sketch of the Holy Prophet in the News papers and Periodicals of the West, usually there are some protest found in our newspapers and even in the Muslim community some very strong lamentation is cried on; thus after these types of films, can the zeal of the faith be stayed intact and can they be rise their voice against the animism of Islam.

Now the conclusion is that, when Muslim are not feeling ashamed preparing these types of films then how they can control this blemishing act from the west. Consequently, after some period the anti Islamic moments will be publishing the fictitious sketches of these invaluable personalities of Islam, but they will be releasing more films upon the Holy life of the Prophet. Likely to those Orientelists have tried to present the Seerah of the Prophet in various fabricated ways, thus in future they can utilize more scandalous and criminal methods to present the Holy Prophet on the screen. (Now it has been proved through the somen News papers which had been predicted by Hadrt Allama Syed Yusuf Banori RA). And further these Muslim who, themselves have fabricated this cast cannot destroy any thing for these pagans.

Till now the pagans have always feeling some hesitation in respect of those pious Muslims, but now the Muslims should feel ashamed that what the work the pagans could not done, this fallacious and grimy work had begun under their hands. And in the last does it only the life of Holy Prophet and His most Gracious Companion are remaining for this filthy act of play and enjoyments of life were there any undutiful person can bear that from his mother and father daughters and daughter-in-laws would be played as these mockery characters on the screen and the public can watch them, Thus! Why this cursing activity has grown in their mind that only with the Holy Prophet and His Male and Female Holy Companions be used for this filthy act of play. Does their respect has come down by our own Mothers and Sister ?

The hypocrites were mock in the same way before Allah’s Prophet when there were protest from the Muslim they take it very easy and say that we were making a JOY for our heartily satisfaction. But Allah Tala had Answered them in the Holy Quran:

لا تعتذروا قد كفرتم بعد ايمانكم

“Don’t make an excuse, you have severely uttered the heathenism after having faith”

Thus it is clear that the Holy life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW or any corner of Islamic theology how it’s making joy is dreadful to the Faith of a Muslim. Therefore, it can only be adopted by those whose hearts have emptied with Faith in their Religion.

The summary of this address is that:

1- In Islam the sketch / photography is totally forbidden and it causes for abusive imprecation.

2- It is a great insult to the pious personalities of the Prophetic period mixing with this abuse and curse attempt.

3-The elements of these events will be fabricant approaching to false claiming upon the Apostleship.(is severe punishable resort before Allah)

4 -Actors and Actress, whoever are playing the role of Holy Prophet and His Holy Man & Women Companions are very ashamed thing in Islam.

5-In the last, the life of Holy Prophet is used for a joy of life and plays etc is no doubt is paganism.

6- This will open the door for the non-muslims that they can match these fictitious, fabricated films and mean sketches to the real period of the Holy Prophet, which will cause treacherous results.

Therefore, we would to request to the authorities of the Pakistan, that they should kindly to save this nation arid cease to be imposed to this Film – ‘Fajir-e-Islam’ , And will appeal to all the Muslims of this Country that not only to boycott to this film but to rise their voices against this film but obstruct it very dynamically through all means. In this case specially the Ulamas, Khutaba (Imam Masjid), Scholars and other leaders of the political agencies should make strive hard on keeping the faith that if all the World collectively want to exterminate the Lawful things in to Un-Lawful (converting the Halal in to Haram) but it could not be grasped by the World. Now some of returns for the act of dissension by the Muslim Community have met in this World and some remaining will be found in the future.

Have this another issue, that as yet the shore of the film “Fajr-e-Islam” could not have settled down, but Iblis (the devil) has taken over a step – (Allah Forgive us) – himself has made a mockery of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and prepared another film upon this issue. Let these news from Karachi press be read. Twelve Islamic Countries are ready to release this film in their country and this film has obtained the permission by Jamia – Al-Azhar – Egypt and a council of Shia Ulama.

” Theran – July 20 (UPP) – A Film has been signed will be prepared upon the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, this has been agreed on the last week. By this agreement, this film will be released in several other languages along with the Persian language and will be exhibited in twelve ,Islamic Countries of the World. This film is being presented by a team comprising the labnan, Kawet, Behrain and Maraco. It’s director is Mustafa Aqad and it has been approved by a supreme council of Shiate of Labnan and Jamia-Al-Azhar from Egypt,” (Ddily Aghaz – July 21, 1973)

If the Muslims will not awoken by the conspiracy of the Jewish and Christions and other hypocrites thus how can it be chorged else the hearts of the Muslim Ummah have become rusted, And this will very soon, call a shameful doom by Allah and the nation is going to a vigorous torment. We are from Allah – indeed we have to return to Allah.


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